Settled In


{Victoria College (house) at the University of Toronto}

Though I’ve been displaying a bit of some intense and rather unacceptable MIA, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be having a lot more free time now that I’m finally settled into school. Moving to a new country is indeed scary (especially when it is by yourself) but after meeting a few super sweet people who become some of your closest friends, it gets so much easier. This past week has been full of much amazement. An inauguration ceremony, flute audition, meeting new people, late night movies with floor mates, enjoying the beautiful architecture of this University…I think it’s safe to say that this year will be one of the best in my life.


True Blue Sailor

Since my toddler days, I’ve greatly appreciated sailor clothing. There was something about the bright colors, the tailored pieces, and the cute accessories that has always caught my eye. I remember every time I went out shopping with mommy I would beg her to take to me Nautica and buy me a red and blue dress or a pair of boat shoes.  Well, I guess that’s why it’s no surprise that when I stumbled over Luis Monteiro‘s Monaco Editorial for Tatler, I was speechless. These are some pictures you just want to dive into.


It’s everyone’s dream to stumble upon the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and luckily, I think I just have. The minute I discovered this recipe, I just had to try it out. Though they take a bit more time than usual, the extra bit of patience is worth every second. The cookies were magnificent! They had an amazing texture, soft and chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. They were not too sweet, and the sprinkle of salt on top gave it an incredible kick. I took them to work and the soft, chewy, caramelized goodness was gone within 5 minutes. It’s hard to imagine ever going back to my other chocolate chip cookies now that this one has come into my life.


Coming to a Close

{Painting nails with friends}

It’s almost impossible to believe that August has arrived. I remember years before this one, my summer holiday felt so short, however I feel like I’ve done so much during these three months that I’m completely accepting (almost embracing) the ending. I worked at a chem lab, a band camp, visited Morocco, saw old friends, met new people… Today has been very laid back so far. I’ve never been a fan of early Monday mornings so I enjoyed today by rolling out at 9:30am and..er….not going to work. Woops. Maybe I’ll stop by later today (or tomorrow hehe). Here’s to another great week of summer break! Do you have any idea of how you want to spend the rest of your holiday?



Baked Mac and Cheese

The other day was a bit more laid back than usual so I decided to quickly whip up some comfort food to help relax. Mac and cheese has always been one of my quick go-tos (right along side frozen pizza and mozzarella sticks) and one of my most craved items. This particular recipe is one of the most simple. I just make a box of craft mac and cheese, melt in a huge slab of fresh mozzarella, and throw on lots of shredded cheese before baking in the oven. Old habits die hard, and I doubt my obsession for mac and cheese ever will.



After a long two weeks of teaching young kids music at camp, I’m left both heart-broken and relieved. Heart broken because of the connection you make with everyone, the music you rehearse, the time you spend with the other workers, the games you play…It’s hard to believe it was two weeks long because it felt like less than two days. There’s nothing to do other than smile and sigh and wait for next year :). Yet I’m relieved I will have time to lay down for a bit. It’s strange where these kids get all their energy from… Well, currently I’ve been listening to a lot of Regina Spektor. Her beautiful voice, and wonderful lyrics have been stuck in my head for days. One that I currently can’t stop singing at the top of my lungs is Samson. My favorite part — “And the history books forgot about us, and the bible didn’t mention us, the bible didn’t mention us..not even once … Oh I cut his hair myself one night, a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light, he told me that I had done alright and kissed me till the morning light!”

You are my sweetest downfall,


Give Me Glitter

I’ve found myself to be a bit on the girlier side when it comes to clothes. I’m obsessed with bows, lace, polka dots, and sequins…basically anything that screams “pretty” or “doll” will grab my attention. Lately, I’ve literally been drooling over anything with a pit of sparkle on it. Here are a few glittery items that have seriously caught my eye these past few days.


1: Forever 21 Beaded Envelope Clutch $26.80

2: Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner $22.00

3: Forever 21 Sequined Collar Necklace $9.80

4: ModCloth Tip-Toe Glow Heel $69.99

5: Top Shop Sequin and Flower Shirt £48.00

6: ModCloth Dream In Pictures Top $39.99

7: Aquilano Rimondi Sequined Skirt $185.00

8: Anastasia Shimmer Highlighter in Petal $21.00

9: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Beaded Silk Jacket  $224.00

10: Forever 21 Collar Necklace $18.00

11: Mineral Essence Shimmer Shadow $16.00

12: Vince Sequined Crepe Dress $247.50

13: Forever 21 Turquoises Glitter Polish $2.80

14:  Forzieri Sequined Gloves $75.00

15: Top Shop Sequin Shift Dress $140.00

16: Forever 21 Daisy Ring  $5.80.00

17: Top Shop Sequin Tee $90.00

18: Nails Inc Glitter Coat $10.00

19: Nars Blush Orgasm $28.00

20: Miu Miu Sequined Collar Shirt $384.00

21: Forever 21 Filigree Bracelet  $7.80

22: Sephora Butter London $14.00