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{Last summer’s vacation: Me jumping on the Mediterranean¬†coast}

Now that school has finally 100% ended and my days feel significantly longer, I can stop being MIA from blogging and finally enjoy lot more free time for doing the things I love. The next few weeks are looking pretty laid back. I work at a chem lab and the hours are super flexible, I’ll be visiting a few schools, hanging out with friends, and possibly meeting up with my sister in Morocco for a bit of exotic vacation. With the smells of summer creeping back into our lives in the form of sweet scented lilacs and fresh cut grass, it’s hard to focus on anything other than planning out a few trips to the beach, strolls in the parks, and (hopefully) an exciting week in Vegas with the girls (more on that later). Now that all my winter attire is finally stored deep in one of my drawers and I’ve taken out all my shorts, skirts, and floral dresses, I can finally say I actually look the part. One thing I don’t have however, is a pair of quality flip flops. I’m not too sure how many rubber ones I have, but seeing as they scuffed and ripped since their last walk in the sand, it wouldn’t matter anyways. Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of (somewhat dressy) flip flops. ¬†Let me know if there are any good ones you know about!


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