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I’ve found myself to be a bit on the girlier side when it comes to clothes. I’m obsessed with bows, lace, polka dots, and sequins…basically anything that screams “pretty” or “doll” will grab my attention. Lately, I’ve literally been drooling over anything with a pit of sparkle on it. Here are a few glittery items that have seriously caught my eye these past few days.


1: Forever 21 Beaded Envelope Clutch $26.80

2: Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner $22.00

3: Forever 21 Sequined Collar Necklace $9.80

4: ModCloth Tip-Toe Glow Heel $69.99

5: Top Shop Sequin and Flower Shirt £48.00

6: ModCloth Dream In Pictures Top $39.99

7: Aquilano Rimondi Sequined Skirt $185.00

8: Anastasia Shimmer Highlighter in Petal $21.00

9: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Beaded Silk Jacket  $224.00

10: Forever 21 Collar Necklace $18.00

11: Mineral Essence Shimmer Shadow $16.00

12: Vince Sequined Crepe Dress $247.50

13: Forever 21 Turquoises Glitter Polish $2.80

14:  Forzieri Sequined Gloves $75.00

15: Top Shop Sequin Shift Dress $140.00

16: Forever 21 Daisy Ring  $5.80.00

17: Top Shop Sequin Tee $90.00

18: Nails Inc Glitter Coat $10.00

19: Nars Blush Orgasm $28.00

20: Miu Miu Sequined Collar Shirt $384.00

21: Forever 21 Filigree Bracelet  $7.80

22: Sephora Butter London $14.00


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C.O  Bigelow Lipshine in Ultra MenthaCinnamint, and Spearmint: $7.50 each or buy 2 get 1 free (3/$15)

A lot of the times, I forget about chapstick after the damaging cold of the winter passes, but this summer, my lips were still in need of some serious hydration. Thankfully, these tasty and refreshing lip-shines are just what they needed to stay de-chapped and fresh. The delicious gloss instantly gives you a “healed lip look” and easily glides on to soften and soothe your lips. Whenever I stop by the store, I pick up my favorite flavor, cinnamint. Not only does it work wonders, but it gives you an intense burst of breath-freshening benefits. A tic tac for your lips.

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I’ve never been a sucker for chapstick having always preferred gloss (particularly c.o. bigellow’s cinnamint lip shine) however when I discovered eos products, I quickly changed my mind. At first, the oddly shaped balms were a bit of a draw back, but I’ll admit they are what caught my attention. I bought myself a “smoothing sphere” in “strawberry sorbet” and it was definitely love at first swipe. Now my only problem is trying to not re-apply every 5 seconds.


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Besides pulling out my toothbrush, argon oil, and leave-in conditioner, I have done absolutely no unpacking. Usually, I’m surprisingly good at opening up my suitcase the second I get home and putting my things back in their rightful place, but this time around I’ve been a bit busy catching up with family and friends. Today has been a bit lazy. We have guests over (they are currently downstairs) and I spent my morning making summer food (barbeque, eggplant salad, and roasted mint potatoes) and hiding in my room blasting one of my favorite iPod playlists. One artist that I’ve been listening to a lot more recently is Regina Spektor. I wasn’t really a fan beforehand, but after giving some of her songs a thorough listen, I changed my mind. The lyrics are as genuine as it gets.

Always one foot on the ground,


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{Last summer’s vacation: Me jumping on the Mediterranean coast}

Now that school has finally 100% ended and my days feel significantly longer, I can stop being MIA from blogging and finally enjoy lot more free time for doing the things I love. The next few weeks are looking pretty laid back. I work at a chem lab and the hours are super flexible, I’ll be visiting a few schools, hanging out with friends, and possibly meeting up with my sister in Morocco for a bit of exotic vacation. With the smells of summer creeping back into our lives in the form of sweet scented lilacs and fresh cut grass, it’s hard to focus on anything other than planning out a few trips to the beach, strolls in the parks, and (hopefully) an exciting week in Vegas with the girls (more on that later). Now that all my winter attire is finally stored deep in one of my drawers and I’ve taken out all my shorts, skirts, and floral dresses, I can finally say I actually look the part. One thing I don’t have however, is a pair of quality flip flops. I’m not too sure how many rubber ones I have, but seeing as they scuffed and ripped since their last walk in the sand, it wouldn’t matter anyways. Ever since, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of (somewhat dressy) flip flops.  Let me know if there are any good ones you know about!


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The past few days have been a lot more relaxing than usual with school not completely over yet, but I haevn’t been complaining. The city of Chicago is a bit crazier due to NATO, but it’s not as crazy as people put it out to be. To help with the relaxing, I’ve been spending a lot of nights listening to some soothing music. Lily Allen’s Who’d Have Known is currently on the top of my list. Her unique lyrics, English accent, and calm beet are enough to keep me mesmerized each time I hit the replay button (let’s just say, I wanna lay in bed all day).

I no longer feel alone,


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Last Saturday, on the 12th, I attended The Party with Marino Formenti and Ensemble dal Niente. The theme of the conert was that it wasn’t a party with music, it was a party for the music, and that’s exactly how it felt. We were able to sit, lay, and lounge wherever we liked as we enjoyed some of the most interesting contemporary music by both world renowned composers and rising Chicago stars. Unlike most concerts, guests were able to talk, drink, eat, and sit together during breaks between the pieces of music making the atmosphere a lot less “concert formal” and a lot more “mingle-worthy”. Never had I been to a concert were I was able to speak and eat with the composers, musicians, and other guests during the event. The Party lasted a bit over 6 hours, but did not drag. Instead of drearily sitting for what usually feels live forever, the average piece lasted about 10 minutes, and there was a break following in which attendees could eat artistic, delectable food inspired by the music and created by Nick Jirasek (the sweet espresso was my personal favorite). And seeing as I’ve acquainted and befriended many guests attending (all people I thought I would never get the chance to shake hands with), I’m glad I was able to attend this experience.


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