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Since my toddler days, I’ve greatly appreciated sailor clothing. There was something about the bright colors, the tailored pieces, and the cute accessories that has always caught my eye. I remember every time I went out shopping with mommy I would beg her to take to me Nautica and buy me a red and blue dress or a pair of boat shoes.  Well, I guess that’s why it’s no surprise that when I stumbled over Luis Monteiro‘s Monaco Editorial for Tatler, I was speechless. These are some pictures you just want to dive into.



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The other day, I was looking through my collection of old movies and came across my collection of Disney princess films. I quickly shoved one into the DVD player and watched as a great portion of my childhood replayed before my eyes. Now, as much as I wish I could run around in little glass slippers, a tiara, and big poofy dresses, it’s unfortunately not possible. However, as I watched, I found that there was so much inspiration in their picture perfect outfits and tried to incorporate their style into our everyday wear.

The Story of Snow White:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was originally a Brother’s Grimm tale. In the Disney version, Snow White, a beautiful girl with hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, and lips red as blood, is forced to run away from her home when her step mother, the queen, is jealous of her beauty sends a huntsman to kill her. Because of her kindness and beauty however, he could not kill her, and told her to flee. She soon finds herself in a small house owned by seven dwarfs who, after falling in love with her beauty, kindness, and ability to cook and tell stories, let her remain in their home. However, when the queen asks her magic mirror who the fairest maiden in the land is and he tells her it is snow white, she sets off to kill her herself. Disguised as an old lady, the queen gives snow white a poisonous apple telling her that a single bite will make any of her dreams come true. The second she takes a bite, she falls into an enchanted sleep. The dwarfs find it too difficult to bury her and so, leave her in a glass coffin so that all can come and admire her beauty. Many months pass and one day, the prince and man she loves sees her and kisses her. She is then magically revived because “true love” is the most powerful force of all. The prince then takes snow white to his kingdom, and they live happily ever after.

Snow White Fashion:

For most of the movie, we see Snow White in her classic blue yellow and red dress. She uses these three main colors for a bold, feminine touch. In the very beginning of the film, we see her in brown robes and a white apron as she sweeps floors and sings into a well. More to keep in mind: she is known for her red, red lips, white face, dark hair, and rosy cheeks.

Outfits for Inspiration:


SkirtTop Cape Shoes HeadbandBag Mascara Liner Lipstick


ShortsTopCardigan Hair PinsEarringsShoesBag BanglesBlush LipstickPerfume

Outfit 3:

Top Skirt Hair BowClogs RingEarringsBracelet BagLipstick Shadow

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With the spring weather just as indecisive as my plans for next year, it’s hard to know what to wear and when without checking the weather every 5 minutes of the day. Unfortunately, I’ve already packed up my scarves and sweaters and pulled out my floral dresses and high-rise shorts. Despite my closet’s lack of warmer attire for the (unpredictable) chilly breeze, I’ve found that my love for blazers has finally payed off. They’re versatile enough for the every day outfit, can be dressed up or down, keep you warm or cool, and come in many fun, bright spring colors so you don’t have to sacrifice pastels and pinks this chilly spring.


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This spring, I’ve been seeing a lot more of the “asymmetric maxi-dress look.” I’ve always been a fan but never really dared trying to pull it off (considering I spend most of my week at school). This spring however, I’m certain I’ll try and give it a go. Have you ever tried this trend?


Outfit for Inspiration:

Dress –  Shoes Earrings Bangles Bag Sun GlassesBronzer Lips

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Sometimes it’s easy to feel as if life keeps on punching you in the face, and though it’s discouraging, it helps teach us to get back on our feet again. It’s definitely easier said than done, but with a little effort, a long rant to your sister, crazy good music, and a lot of chocolate and milk, you begin to notice that you can feel a bit better no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, it also helps to get your mind off of everything. That’s when I discovered River of Romansk; an adorable, ethereal shop on Etsy. At the moment, I’m in love with their stunning, delicate, romantic clothing, but seeing as I’ve completely run out of money (thank you, plane tickets!) it’s gonna be a long few months of window shopping for me! Here are my favorite pieces.


{ 123 -}

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