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{Painting nails with friends}

It’s almost impossible to believe that August has arrived. I remember years before this one, my summer holiday felt so short, however I feel like I’ve done so much during these three months that I’m completely accepting (almost embracing) the ending. I worked at a chem lab, a band camp, visited Morocco, saw old friends, met new people… Today has been very laid back so far. I’ve never been a fan of early Monday mornings so I enjoyed today by rolling out at 9:30am and..er….not going to work. Woops. Maybe I’ll stop by later today (or tomorrow hehe). Here’s to another great week of summer break! Do you have any idea of how you want to spend the rest of your holiday?




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{First signs of florals near my home}

It’s so nice that it’s finally Friday. This week felt as if it has dragged on and on for a lot more than just 5  days. In just a few hours I’ll be at home, my feet on the table, playing Mass Effect 3 and not a care in the world. Hopefully the week I have off feels just as long as this one has. I’ve got plans for a few lunches and brunches here and there, a bit of shopping on Michigan Ave, a stroll on the beach, and a few concerts to attend. This holiday is just what I need to prepare for the stress of April-May. I thought I’ve captured a few things that bring me joy and share them with you. Happy weekend!


{Enjoying one of my favorite books, hot coco, and music at Panera}

{A pair of leather gloves I’m rather fond of: Ralph Lauren}

{Homemade, bite-sized fruit tarts}

{Current etude in progress: Anderson Op15 #3}

{One of the most incredible, thoughtful Christmas presents I’ve ever received}

{Dog and his long hours of bird watching}

{An adorable tea set}

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