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After a long two weeks of teaching young kids music at camp, I’m left both heart-broken and relieved. Heart broken because of the connection you make with everyone, the music you rehearse, the time you spend with the other workers, the games you play…It’s hard to believe it was two weeks long because it felt like less than two days. There’s nothing to do other than smile and sigh and wait for next year :). Yet I’m relieved I will have time to lay down for a bit. It’s strange where these kids get all their energy from… Well, currently I’ve been listening to a lot of Regina Spektor. Her beautiful voice, and wonderful lyrics have been stuck in my head for days. One that I currently can’t stop singing at the top of my lungs is Samson. My favorite part — “And the history books forgot about us, and the bible didn’t mention us, the bible didn’t mention us..not even once … Oh I cut his hair myself one night, a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light, he told me that I had done alright and kissed me till the morning light!”

You are my sweetest downfall,



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