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{A few much needed fashion books}

The past few days feel like they were years and years ago. With the much anticipated summer holiday inching closer with every sunrise, it’s hard to continue focusing on anything school-related.  Despite the feeling that I’ve already finished my schooling, and the irresistible urge to ignore my homework, I know that I need to continue my studies for the next few weeks. Even so, I’m sure it will be impossible to follow through. On the bright side, this week has  gotten off to an excellent start. My Sunday was spent doing god knows what (I’ve already forgotten…) Yesterday I got out of school to visit the city, then gave a lesson, and went to a late band rehearsal. Today I was lucky enough to enjoy a much needed day off with close friends in the heart of Chicago. It was spent taking the train with some of the most incredible girls in the world, enjoying big breakfasts, walking around the “touristy” parts of the windy city, taking elevators, and thinking about things over a hot cup of tea. Before turning in and facing tomorrow, I thought I’d spend a bit of time sharing a few things that bring smiles to my face.


{Current worry-remedy: soothing peppermint tea}

{A rather shiny gift: Bulova watch}

{Easily one of the best perfumes I’ve ever laid my hands on}

{A rather cute treat from Panera}

{A new favorite decoration}

{Dangerously good hot chocolate}

{Baking with cinnamon and sugar}


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{First signs of florals near my home}

It’s so nice that it’s finally Friday. This week felt as if it has dragged on and on for a lot more than just 5  days. In just a few hours I’ll be at home, my feet on the table, playing Mass Effect 3 and not a care in the world. Hopefully the week I have off feels just as long as this one has. I’ve got plans for a few lunches and brunches here and there, a bit of shopping on Michigan Ave, a stroll on the beach, and a few concerts to attend. This holiday is just what I need to prepare for the stress of April-May. I thought I’ve captured a few things that bring me joy and share them with you. Happy weekend!


{Enjoying one of my favorite books, hot coco, and music at Panera}

{A pair of leather gloves I’m rather fond of: Ralph Lauren}

{Homemade, bite-sized fruit tarts}

{Current etude in progress: Anderson Op15 #3}

{One of the most incredible, thoughtful Christmas presents I’ve ever received}

{Dog and his long hours of bird watching}

{An adorable tea set}

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Though troublesome things do pass with time, that doesn’t mean they never return. Despite the calm day, I’ve found myself constantly worrying about things that have long since happened. I think it has a lot to do with the solitude of my home, how sick I’ve been getting, and my little connection to family and friends. Nonetheless, I plan on combating my fears and worries with strong mint tea, studying, midday coffee with friends, cuddle sessions with Gizmo (my cat named Dog), and good music. This week, I’m partial to A Fine Frenzy’s The Beacon. Yet again her soothing voice, beautiful lyrics, and incredible melody impress me.

I can’t conceive of living without you,


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