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I’ve found myself to be a bit on the girlier side when it comes to clothes. I’m obsessed with bows, lace, polka dots, and sequins…basically anything that screams “pretty” or “doll” will grab my attention. Lately, I’ve literally been drooling over anything with a pit of sparkle on it. Here are a few glittery items that have seriously caught my eye these past few days.


1: Forever 21 Beaded Envelope Clutch $26.80

2: Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner $22.00

3: Forever 21 Sequined Collar Necklace $9.80

4: ModCloth Tip-Toe Glow Heel $69.99

5: Top Shop Sequin and Flower Shirt £48.00

6: ModCloth Dream In Pictures Top $39.99

7: Aquilano Rimondi Sequined Skirt $185.00

8: Anastasia Shimmer Highlighter in Petal $21.00

9: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Beaded Silk Jacket  $224.00

10: Forever 21 Collar Necklace $18.00

11: Mineral Essence Shimmer Shadow $16.00

12: Vince Sequined Crepe Dress $247.50

13: Forever 21 Turquoises Glitter Polish $2.80

14:  Forzieri Sequined Gloves $75.00

15: Top Shop Sequin Shift Dress $140.00

16: Forever 21 Daisy Ring  $5.80.00

17: Top Shop Sequin Tee $90.00

18: Nails Inc Glitter Coat $10.00

19: Nars Blush Orgasm $28.00

20: Miu Miu Sequined Collar Shirt $384.00

21: Forever 21 Filigree Bracelet  $7.80

22: Sephora Butter London $14.00


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I’ve always been in love with layering long shirts and cardigans over a pair of my favorite dark wash jeans. Though for days that I’m just not feeling the denim look, I rely on a few pairs of pants that are skinny, without the blue. Whether they’re trousers, leggins, or colored cotton, some are a bit more bold than others, but they’re fun enough to give you a stylish, fun, flirty, and unique edge.


Outfit 1:

Pants Top Shoes BraceletsEarrings Ring Bag

Outfit 2:

Pants Top Shoes Ring Blazer Headband Bag

Outfit 3:

Pants Top ShoesBlazer Earrings Ring

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With spring finally at full bloom, I’ve completely given up all my wool and cashmere for breathable cotton and silk. Though I haven’t had much time to shop before today, I’ve still been trying to keep up with the many stylish, classy, and fun trends this season has to offer. One that I’ve welcomed with wide, open arms is the floral trend. Because what says “I love spring and being girly” more than bright patterns and bouquets?


Outfits for Inspiration

#1 : Picnics and Tea


#2 : Girl with an Edge



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This spring, I’ve been seeing a lot more of the “asymmetric maxi-dress look.” I’ve always been a fan but never really dared trying to pull it off (considering I spend most of my week at school). This spring however, I’m certain I’ll try and give it a go. Have you ever tried this trend?


Outfit for Inspiration:

Dress –  Shoes Earrings Bangles Bag Sun GlassesBronzer Lips

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This year, I was pleased to see the color mint appear all over the runways. I’ve always been a huge fan of this color (after all, green is my favorite) because of it’s fresh look, clean feel, and warm vibe. It’s also extremely versatile and easy to wear. Whether it’s a pair of minted pants, flowy top, fitted dress, or simple accessories, it’ll work wonders on just about any ensemble. Oh, and seeing as it’s extremely stylish this season, it’ll almost impossible to object. To celebrate, I’ll be brewing a lot of mint (chocolate chip) tea for the next couple of days and chewing as much mint gum as I can get my minted hands on!


Minted Favorites:

1. ModCloth Bookish Babe Jeans $87.99

2. TopShop Ponte Shrunken Blazer £70

3. ModCloth Muddled Mint Dress $69.99

4. TopShop Mint Mermaid Belt £28

5. TopShop Mint Bowling Bag £36

6. Endless Seychelles Mother of Pearls $56.43

7. Lancome #503 Mint Jolie $49

8. Essie Mint Candy Apple $8

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